So I have finally acted on a long time want and ordered my TM5 Thermomix and tomorrow is delivery day!  Hooray!

I have friends who have thermis and rave about them.  I went to a demonstration, oh well over a year ago and wanted one ever since, so I saved my pennies and for my birthday this year, I ordered it!

Here’s what I have been doing since I ordered to prepare for the big day;

Browsed the internet!

I have joined the Thermomix Recipe Community (my user name is Thermo Shelley there). Initially, I expect to use it to look for recipes and learn to use my TM5 as much as I can. I plan on rating recipes and maybe one day when I feel like I know what I’m doing, add the odd recipe here and there.

I have also found a few Thermo based blogs I like the look of and will check them out more when I have the need.

When my delivery date confirmation came through, I was able to set up my Cookidoo account and I can see that will potentially be very helpful meal planning and shopping list writing, once I get access to more recipes.  At the moment I am limited to viewing the special Thermomix Favourites collection you get on sign up as a bonus.  I already know I will be making the Chilli & Apple jelly from it. Oh yes indeedy I will.

Listened to Podcasts

On my daily walk, I like to listen to podcasts so after I put my order in, I  searched to see if there were any Thermomix podcasts.  Of course there were!  I have been mainly listening to The 4 Blades podcast. It’s a bit hard to listen and not have a machine to try things out on, but I like it because it’s Aussie (like me) and seems to have good information and recipes.  I guess I’ll find out if that’s true soon!

Talked to my thermo friends!

They of course share my excitement, knowing that I will get a lot out of my investment. Actually during one convo the seed was planted for me to blog about my thermo and so here we are LOL!

I want to be mindful of not rabbiting on about my Thermo adventures with non-Thermo folks, so it’s good to know I have a few folks I can chat with abandon to about my playing with it.

Cleaned out my Fridge/Freezer.

We have to get better at managing our food! There was so much unidentifiable stuff hidden in the freezer it was embarrassing.  I bought a couple of Sharpies today to hopefully start a naming the things as they go in the freezer habit.  Let’s hope so!

I needed some jars for my delivery tomorrow for the veggie stock we’ll make, so was able to empty all those half used jars of relishes/pickled veg/sauces/spice pastes that no one would touch anymore.  I now have a good glass jar supply after washing and de-labelling them all.  And more room in the fridge! Bonus.

Went shopping!

I needed to grab a few fresh veggies for the stock we’ll make when my machine arrives, so while I didn’t want to do a big grocery shop until I’d had a play and planned some thermo meals, I did know there were some things I wanted to try straight away, so I also bought some strawberries and yogurt. I have a thing for frozen strawberry yogurt.

I have hulled, washed and chopped to same size a punnet of strawberries and popped them in the freezer.  The natural yoghurt, I have put into an ice cube tray.   Hopefully that will mean some homemade frozen yogurt is in my very near future. Woohoo!

So there you go – I am so ready! Bring on tomorrow!  My excitement is building!

I’ll update all the blog photos from the stock photos when I have my machine and can take some of my own photos.

So I’ll see you soon with my notes and thoughts about my delivery and first play with my Thermomix!  I think I need to come up with a name for it.  I am already sick of typing Thermo & Thermi & Thermomix haha.

xx Shelley


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