So Bob arrived last night after dinner.  (Bob is the name I have given my TM5 – so much easier to say and type)


Kristy (my local Thermo guru) set him all up for me and we went through all the safety stuff, gave him a clean and got straight to work making the veggie stock paste.  While it was cooking, we added my Basic Cookbook chip code to my Cookidoo profile.

So now I have 3 jars of Veggie Stock Paste in my fridge and I am not quite sure what I’ll do with it all.  I guess I will go in search of recipes that use it and see.  Kristy said she uses it quite often in place of salt when a recipe calls for salt which I think is a good idea – a little extra flavour and goodness as well as salty flavour.  I know a few folks have said to me they find the stock paste to be too salty.  We’ll have to see how it goes with our tastes.  We can always reduce the amount we use if it’s too much for us.

As soon as Kristy was gone, my 3 girls – let’s call them M, E & B, came a running to check out Bob and what he could do.

We were so excited, we had to make something straight away so we whipped up a quick batch of super thick and creamy custard.  This could be dangerous!  Hot custard is one of my go to comfort foods.  I love it when I am sick with a cold or something, especially with a bit of banana chopped on top.  Yum yum yum.  We did find it a bit too sweet and we had only added the lower raw sugar amount recommended, so we’ll add less next time.


We then all sat down and planned out some meals and snacks/treats for the next few days using the Cookidoo platform. I want to use the Basic Cookbook as much as I can in these initial weeks and really get the most out of it.  I am not sure if it was our internet connection or what, but Cookidoo was very slow and the shopping list creation  just wasn’t happening.  This morning it is though, so I tried it out.  I am not sure I’ll use it to be honest. A lot of ingredients were repeated as they are listed slightly differently in different recipes. I think I may be a little overwhelmed with all the new things so will have another look in a week or so.

Also, while we’re talking the Cookidoo platform, I like the meal planning function, but I don’t like how I can’t scroll it.  I added 4 things to one day and wanted to add a note with a link to a recipe on another site, but had to remove something before I could access the little note icon on that day.  Maybe it’d work better with a name and small icon pic instead of full square pic?  Perhaps I just don’t know how to use it properly yet.  I will play some more!

By this time it was quite late – almost 10 pm I think, but more play was needed as B claimed she was too hungry to go to bed just yet.  (She hadn’t had custard because it’s gross apparently – not sure how a child of mine can think this).  Chocolate mousse was on her mind, but we didn’t have the right ingredients to make any of the recipes we found, so instead I sacrificed the frozen strawberry stash I had so she could make the Fruity Dream from the Basic Cookbook.

OK so we kinda stuffed this up in a couple of ways.  Rookie mistakes I am sure haha.

We followed the instructions on screen and after we’d ground the sugar, realised we didn’t have anywhere near enough frozen strawberries but we carried on regardless.

Once the noise started with the next step, I don’t quite know what happened, but somehow, we got ourselves out of the recipe and were just grinding away on high speed and the time counter was counting up.  Totally operator error.  So we went back into the recipe and hit next til we were up the the next step, which was adding an egg white and the butterfly whisk.

I had been browsing Instagram yesterday and saw how the lid of Bob could be used as an egg separator, so we cracked our egg into the lid with the MC in place and let the white drip in.  It took a while.  It’d be quicker to do it using the old egg shell to shell trick or use an egg separator.  I guess it’d be handy though if you needed to gradually add the whites.

Anyway, it was very soon done and a small bowl was consumed by B.  It was too sweet of course, so we froze the rest and will add some more strawberries to it later.  20170124_070725

We gave Bob a good wash and left him to sleep in preparation for today’s no doubt big work out!  (We’ve already done 4 things and it’s only 9.30 am haha)

Yay!  Super fun times ahead!



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