Wow we had some fun today!  I plan on changing to posts about single recipes or themes soon, but for now a big wrap up of what we did and thought is what I need.  All this rambling really helps me remember what I’ve learned.  I do scribble notes, but my handwriting is so bad, even I can’t decipher it after a period of time.

So today I/we made :

  1. Juice!  I love my fruity veggie juices so I read a few recipes on the internet and 20170124_063325watched a YouTube video in the lead up to Bob coming to live with us.  So I kinda knew what to do a little bit so I chopped the odds and ends of fruit & veg we had on hand –  1/2 of a carrot, an apple, an orange (skin & pith removed), a big piece of delicious ginger (peeled) into Bob with about 100 g of ice for 2 mins, speed 8.  Then I added about 110 g of water for 1 min speed 9.  I had a peek and it was quite thick so I added some more water – who knows how much? Must measure next time!  And whizzed it for another 30 seconds on 9.  I just wanted it by then so I poured it out into 2 glasses.  It was still very thick but flavour was delicious. Tomorrow I’ll add more ice as it wasn’t really cold and more water as well.  I’ll try some other fruits & veg but will use less.
  2. 20170124_110329E had found a recipe for Easy and Healthy Chocolate Banana Oat Pancakes (not a thermo recipe) and wanted to try it for breakfast.  So she made the batter, adding a tablespoon or so of raw sugar as she felt it needed it and cooked a couple of pancakes but wasn’t happy with them.  I quite liked them.  They were very banana-y but with the chocolate hit I thought ok.  Anyway, she decided to bake them like muffins instead. Little flat muffins 😀
  3. Now we are kinda fussy about our poached eggs.  B in particular is a really gooey20170124_093924 poach egg on smashed avo kinda gal, so she wanted to try the poached eggs in the Basic Cookbook.  Well.  Fail haha.  So our first problem was a yolk broke on entering the water so the water was yellowish and also the water was much too hot for poaching.  The water was on a roiling boil which we know is too hot for poaching. but we followed the recipe anyway.  Blind fools haha.  So you can see we ended up with a bit of a hard boiled mess.  There was hard cooked white stuck on the blades and it wasn’t pretty to clean up.  BUT!  I won’t give up there.  We’ll try again our own way soon.
  4. 20170124_130707Peanut Butter – yummo!  OK so I needed a quick lunch as I had some running around to do so I thought I’d have some fresh made peanut butter on toast.  I used the Basic Cookbook recipe but only had some salted peanuts in the pantry.  And I had about half the required.  Didn’t matter at all.  I planned on halving the oil but silly me forgot and added all the minimum recommended so too much for the the amount of peanuts I had.  It was totally fine though if a bit runny.  I can always add more peanuts when I get some.  I did process it a bit longer than the recipe said as I wanted it a bit smoother.  It doesn’t look like it, but it still has lots of chunks in it.  Good stuff!   I think I’d use the salted peanuts again.  I think  I’d be adding salt anyway if I used plain ones.
  5. E wanted to get busy again and had her eye on the Five Seed Bread from the Basic20170124_171104 Cookbook.  Go for it I said.  It worked out great. The only issue was she used a tin that was a little smaller than it needed to be so it kinda overflowed a bit and probably was a little denser than it would be in a bigger tin.  She’ll do it again another day.  The thing I didn’t enjoy was cleaning up all the seeds!  Gosh they got everywhere!  That’s not Bob’s fault though 😉
  6. 20170124_153635Chocolate Mousse.  This was the one thing B really wanted to make from the Basic Cookbook, so I got the ingredients and we made it this afternoon.  It was easy enough.  I think the egg whites were well and truly over whipped as it was hard to get rid of the lumps when folding them in.  That’s not normal for egg whites LOL.  M said she’d never seen egg white look like that and I think I’m with her so we’ll reduce the whipping time next time.  Judging by the sounds I can hear from them all as they eat it, it’s a winner – too stiff egg whites and all.
  7. & 8. The last make for today (so far) was dinner.  Now I was not sure I’d like whole meals20170124_182755 prepared in Bob, but he surprised me.  I made Butter Chicken from the Basic Cookbook and boy did it have bags of flavour!  I made the Garam Masala too from the Basic Cookbook that you need in it.  That was fun!    We had less chicken than was needed, but not by much.  I added half a teaspoon of chilli powder which was the perfect amount of heat for all of us.  There was a heck of a lot of sauce.  Way more than  we could eat with the chicken.  I’d say there’s at least 500 mls left.  So maybe next time the only thing I’d change was add less water maybe? Or maybe put the steaming basket on top of the lid instead of the MC to reduce it a little?   Oh and I forgot to put the rice on so we had to wait a bit for that to cook before we could eat. I kept the chicken warm by putting it on for 2 minutes at 90 deg reverse speed 1.

So there you go!  Our first full day with Bob!  I can’t wait to see what we get up to tomorrow.



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