Hello!  Bob had a bit of a rest compared to yesterday – we still used him lots, but less than yesterday.  The main reason is we are already finding we have lots of leftovers.  So there’s no need to make more stuff when we have things to eat. Bob’s was only used for breakfast, lunch & dinner today.

First up today, I had another go at my juice. I am concentrating on getting the consistencyimg_20170125_090023_768 right before I tackle the volume I make so today  I used a beetroot, a carrot, an apple, an orange and a chunk of ginger.  That all weighed 540 g.  I added 155 g of ice and blitzed for 1 min on speed 10.  Then I added 155 g of water and went again for another minute at speed 10.  All that made almost 3 glasses of juice. (It wasn’t wasted as M & B polished off the extra.)  It was better than yesterday’s attempt, and pleasantly cold, though still a bit thick and fibrous. Tomorrow I have a plan to beat that fibre!  We’ll see how it goes!


20170125_124641Then we got on with our day and let Bob rest until lunch time.  I had spied the Potato Cakes in the Basic Cookbook as had M, E & B.  I used about half the amount of potatoes, knowing halving the recipe wouldn’t really work as there was a whole egg (I could have whipped it and halved it but meh), so we added a bit extra flour. I didn’t peel the spuds. And the onion I used was a little larger than half the recipe called for but we like a bit of onion.  Well the batter made heaps!  I froze the leftovers for a quick lunch one day.  They were yummy!  Very much like hash browns.  We’ll use them when we do a big breaky at home for sure.

Dinner was to be the Tomato and Lentil Dahl so I thought I’d whip up some naan bread to 20170125_182952go with it. I found a recipe on the recipe community for Cheesy Garlic Naan.  It was my first go at making a dough in Bob.  The only thing I changed was the mixing the yeast and water – I mixed it bit more as it was floating on top a bit.  I let the dough rise while I got the Dahl ingredients ready and put that on. When the Dahl was cooking I cooked the Naan. Yum yum yum!  The recipe made 12 mini naan breads and I intended to freeze leftovers for another meal, but no point!  I don’t think there’ll be any left by the time I get round to checking and putting them away.  Will make again for sure!

20170125_185501So the last thing for today (until the after dinner cravings start anyway) was the Tomato and Lentil Dahl from the Basic Cookbook.  The recipe didn’t say to wash the lentils, but I did that anyway.  We all liked it, well most of us. B wasn’t that keen.  It made heaps and was probably a bit more liquid than we were expecting.  I’d do a couple of things differently next time.  I’d chop the tomatoes smaller, add less water and less lime juice. (I did use 4 large limes – 3 would have done if I’d measured it.)   M  wanted more coriander – perhaps sprinkled on top at serving.  Again, heaps leftover – enough for 2 or 3 people. Hubby will eat it up.

So another fun day with Bob!  I think I might go blitz up those frozen yoghurt cubes with some strawberries. 😉



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