Today was busy but we managed to use Bob for breakfast, lunch and dinner again.


I started with my juice as I have the past couple of days.  Much happier with today’s effort. The juice was much less fibrous and though still thick, thinner and cold.  So tomorrow I will try to reduce the volume to make 2 glasses as M has been enjoying my surplus juice each morning.  Once I have it just right, I’ll post my recipe here and on the recipe community.



For lunch we just wanted a quick snack really and20170126_122845
I’d seen some buzz about the Brazilian Cheese Puffs on the internets, so I hunted down the recipe and whipped some up. I didn’t have arrowroot flour so I used corn flour.  I used tasty cheese and only half the amount of salt.  Boy they were yummy!  I ended up adding some salt to mine so next time, I’ll use some parmesan and more salt in the batter.  They didn’t last. On the make again list they go!



20170126_170701For dinner I made the Sri Lankan Red Beef Curry from the Basic Cookbook.  It was the longest recipe I have made so far, mostly because I had to make the curry blend first and it took 15 minutes to dry roast – I checked the recipe book to make sure that was right because the garam masala I made for the butter chicken the other night only roasted for seconds not minutes.  I had about a third of the ingredients to make the curry blend but that was fine. It made more than enough for the curry.


The curry itself was easy to do and I didn’t stay and watch it for the 45 minutes it was 20170126_185111cooking hehe.  I even remembered to pop the rice cooker on in time to serve up with the curry. I didn’t have any. I really don’t like stewed meat.  Yes I can do chicken like the butter chicken – I am a fusspot I know 😉  Hubby said it was the best curry he’d eaten in a long time.  High praise!  Kids all loved it too.  I did change a few tiny things.  I couldn’t get fenugreek so just left it out. I used butter instead of ghee, chilli from a jar and my veggie stock paste from my delivery day instead of salt.  I think the step where you chop up  the spices could go a bit harder and longer as there were some inedible stalky lemongrass, cardamon pod and cinnamon stick bits in it.  All part of the experience though I suppose of an “authentic” feel curry.  Enough left overs for a couple of serves too.  Again it was a lot of sauce so I might pop the simmering basket on top next time for the last 15 minutes or so to let some steam escape.



That’s not it for Bob today as B & I just whipped up some Hokey Pokey biscuits. They’ve just come out of the oven now.  Is there anything better than the smell of freshly baked biscuits?

Yesterday after dinner, I finally made my strawberry frozen yoghurt. I had frozen some20170126_185231 natural yoghurt before Bob arrived for just this purpose.  I had seen the Strawberry-Cardamon frozen yoghurt recipe and liked the way the bits were strained which is the only part of that recipe I followed – oh that and the sugar.  I used 100 g raw sugar  and 175 g of fresh strawberries.  I strained the berry and sugar mix and returned it to Bob.  Then I added my frozen natural yoghurt cubes – 14 of them and really went for it – I forgot to note how long but up to a minute I think on speed 10.  Next time, I’ll add more frozen yoghurt as it was too runny to eat then so I poured it into our silicon icy pole things and froze it for today.  I had one earlier and it was so good!  They’d be great on a hot day.

So all up, another great day for Bob 🙂


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