Today we were out and about a lot so didn’t use Bob for lunch, but he still got lots of use.

Breaky was my juice tweaking again. I’ve cracked the volume this time for one glass of juice, but silly me experimented with the timing too and it went back a step fibrous wise, but that’s ok. I’ll just go back to what I did yesterday with timing tomorrow and I reckon it will be ace!20170127_062613

For dinner we’d  planned a chicken and potato salad meal.  So I had to make mayo from the Basic Cookbook for the potato salad for the first time.  I used grapeseed oil instead of safflower oil and lemon juice instead of vinegar, 1 tsp of Dijon mustard and a touch less salt.  The consistency is great, but I’d change a few things next time as it’s a little oily tasting so a bit more lemon juice and dijon and salt should do the trick.  I used the minimum of the ranges recommended.20170127_175122

The next step was to marinade the chicken.  I was craving some grilled, caramelised charred meat so used my grill to give it that BBQ taste. The marinade I used was Greek Yoghurt Chicken marinade   It was delicious!  We used lemon thyme from the garden and that flavour really came though. 20170127_184427For the potato salad, I used the Bacon and Spring Onion Potato Salad recipe from the Thermomix Favourites Collection on the Cookidoo website.  I was disappointed I couldn’t print the recipe.  I had to prepare it from my laptop which I don’t like to do. I did have to chop the spring onions for longer and faster than the recipe said.  Must chop the bits a bit smaller next time before adding them. Another thing I’d change would be to use a colourless vinegar  as the balsamic turned the dressing a bit brown and it looked a little unappetising.  But it tasted great, especially as we used spuds dug up just yesterday.  We had a bumper crop so I predict lots of spuddy recipes in my future.20170127_184422

That’s it for today so far.  We did buy some frozen mangos today so will most likely make some fruity dream per hubby and B’s wishes.  I made some more strawberry fruity dream last night – half the recipe but that’s nearly gone haha.20170126_205629

I’m not sure what tomorrow will hold, but I’m sure it will be tasty!




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