This will be the last of my daily digests of my makes with Bob. From now on, I’ll do a post per recipe and update it as we remake it with the tweaks that suit us.

I’ll begin with what happened last night after dinner.  E has a banana bread recipe she makes and plays with quite often, depending on what we have in the cupboard.  She made some new tweaks last night beginning with making some flour out of rolled oats.  That worked well.  Her bread was a bit different than normal (no pics sorry) but still yummy.


That was it last night.  This morning I began with my juice as usual.  I am not sure what I did, but it was too fibrous again today and also a bit too watery.  More blending needed I guess.  Still yummy though.


Next up I made for hubby his mango Fruity Dream.  I had to do twice the chopping I had done with the strawberries, and the eggs I had were smaller so I had to add a second egg white. He’s very happy!


I made some more Brazilian Cheese Puffs today too.  I used parmesan cheese this time and they were yummy like last time.  I found the batter a bit runnier but it didn’t seem to make any difference.  I love the holes you get in the bottom.


B had said all week she was making pasta tonight so we used the Fresh Pasta dough recipe from the Basic Cookbook.  It took no time at all!  I left the resting the dough and rolling and cutting to B.  She loves doing that (thank goodness!)  Then we made the Tomato Pasta Sauce again from the Basic Cookbook to top the pasta.  I was a little disappointed the recipe used canned tomatoes so we will look up a fresh tomato recipe for the time after next as there’s plenty left for another dinner from this batch.  It was yummy enough though.


Soon I am going to whip up some custard.  I think I have been very restrained not making it every night.

So from now on, my posts will be about single recipes, like a journal for each one that I will update each time we make it.

Fun times ahead!



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