I found the Luigi’s 40 Second Biscuits recipe on and thought I’d make them today 29 Jan 2017, as school starts this week and we’ll all need some snacks for lunchboxes.

The Making

OK so first up, it’s not 40 seconds to make.  40 seconds is the time Bob was supposed to work according to the recipe.  I feel like the timings were reversed.

The first change I made was to stop the milling of the almonds and sugar after about 8 seconds as it was clear it was done.  Heaps less than the 30 seconds in the recipe.

The next thing I did was to mix longer for the rest of the ingredients.  10 seconds wasn’t enough so I mixed for 2 more 10 second bursts before I thought the dough had come together enough.  See what I mean about the timings being reversed?

I needed 2 trays to fit all the teaspoons of dough.  I set my oven to 180 deg c and set the the fan to fan only – not top or bottom heat.  My oven does tend to cook faster so I set the timer for 10 minutes and then checked and turned them.  They were almost done so I gave them another 2 minutes and took them out to cool.  The recipe stated 20-30 minutes which is way too long for my oven.


Taste Test

They smelled so yummy, before they’d cooled completely we had to try them.  I found them very sweet and thought the vanilla flavour was a bit strong so I’ll use less of those next time.  They’re delicious still with a lovely texture due to the ground almonds. Crisp and pleasant to eat.

As they were so sweet, there was no need to fill with anything.

Will we make them again?

Yes.  With half the sugar and vanilla and see how that goes. Maybe we’ll make some homemade hazelnut spread too to put in the middle?   I’ll update this post when we do.


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