I found the Shredded Chicken Rice Noodle Salad with Nuoc Cham dressing recipe on Recipe Community when planning my meals for the week. It looked and sounded like something we’d like as a family so I cooked it up today 30 Jan 2017.

The Making

I altered the order from what was listed to make the dressing first, then didn’t wash the bowl before cooking the chicken in the varoma and then the rice noodles in the water later.  Oh and I used chilli paste from a jar as we still have some left instead of fresh chillies.

I added some julienned carrot for some extra veg.  I realised later I could have chopped that in Bob, so must remember that next time.

I cooked the chicken a little longer than the recipe said as there is a lot of water and it only came to the boil about 4 minutes from the supposed cooking time.  That was it.  The rest was as is.

Taste Test

Yum!  It was really delicious and well balanced.  The garlic was strong in my mouth after but we all ate it so won’t stink each other out too much hehe.  I think that will mellow in the dressing overnight as it sits in the dressing, pickling.


Will we make it again?

Yes indeedy we will!  I can see this being on high rotation in our menu planning.


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