I found the Muesli Bars recipe by Rustic Cooking on the Recipe Community.  I was feeling the d97683b0b92b6045c698de28c2c242d3urge to snack and thought if I made something yummy with some goodness in it, I’d avoid some poorer choices.

The Making

It was super easy to make and it suited me as I had a few packets of bits and pieces that needed using up that I could add for the “100 g of whatever” element.  I used slivered almonds, pepitas, sunflower kernals, puffed rice and even some crispy noodles for my 100 g of whatever.

Everything was done exactly as the recipe said.  It did take a little longer than 30 mins to go hard, but maybe that was me being too eager 😉

Taste Test

I like them!  Lots of oaty goodness.  They are a little sticky but even so they do crumble fairly easily.  That could be down to the puffed rice I used though.  I feel like a little browning in the over would make them become that little bit tastier.  Might try that next time!


Will we make them again?

Sure!  I might try other recipes before I come back to this one, but the ease of adding your own ingredients makes it appealing!



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