Bob’s Big Cook


I felt like a day at home this weekend, so I planned our meals for the week and made sure we had everything yesterday so I could just cook and play all day today (Sunday 5th February) This is just a list of what I made.  Each recipe will have it’s own post when I get time to add my notes.

Bob’s Big Cook

Here’s what I made :

First up was the Easy Everyday White Bread.

Then M made a Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie .

For dessert tonight I made Milo Mousse. (OMG)

Next up was Mini Carrot Cakes for lunchboxes.

For an alternative to sandwiches, I made Wraps ( a couple we snaffled up for lunch today)

I wanted a sugar free option for snacking so made some Seed Crackers.

We are having Teriyaki beef this week, so I made a batch of Teriyaki Sauce.

We’re having Satay chicken tonight, so I made some Peanut Butter from the Basic Cookbook.  I’ll make the curry powder for it just before I cook dinner.

I think that’s a pretty good effort seeing it’s only just gone lunchtime.

I think Bob is here to stay.  🙂


American Style Pancakes


As a lazy Saturday lunch, I thought we’d try the American Style Pancakes from the Basic Cookbook today 4th February 2017.

The Making20170204_125213

Easy as usual to make and whizzed up so fast. The batter was very thick and well mixed.  And there was a lot!

The batter was so thick, I found it hard to make even shapes but that’s me not the recipe.  I ended up making some small pikelet sized ones as well.  My pan got way too hot so they were browned before the centre had cooked on a couple.  Again, my fault.

Taste Test

I had mine with lemon juice and sugar – I can’t not when it comes to fresh, hot pancakes! They were very nice, light and fluffy.


Will we make them again?

Yes.  Perfect for lazy weekend breakfasts after sleepovers and so easy as most things are in Bob.

Butter Chicken


This recipe is from the Basic Cookbook and it was one of the first things we made.  I discussed our first attempt in this post.  It was a winner so we made it again tonight 3 February 2017.

The Making

Last time we didn’t quite have enough chicken and found there to be a lot of sauce.  So this time, instead of reducing the water as I had planned, I added a bit more chicken – I used 950 g instead of the 750 g in the recipe.  It was really close to the MAX mark on the bowl, but just scraped in under.

I added an extra 5 minutes to the cooking time because of the extra chicken and also had the simmering basket on top for that last 5 mins to try to reduce the sauce again.

Oh and I used about a teaspoon of the veggie stock paste instead of salt.  I added half a teaspoon of chilli powder as that was just right last time.

Taste Test

A winner again.  Hubby wasn’t home last time I made this, and he really enjoyed it.


There is plenty of sauce left over and enough chicken in that sauce for another meal, so will be freezing it when it cools.

There is still a heck of a lot of sauce.  Loads.  I moved the chicken to the bottom of this container so you get an idea of how much sauce there is – remember this is after we all ate it for dinner.


I am not sure about reducing the water as it needs liquid to cook in.  Maybe I’ll just do simmering basket only for the cooking phase next time.  Still, delicious and loving using the garam masala I made last time too.  So good using what you’ve made in meals!



Will we make it again?

Yes!  I think  it’ll be a regular meal in our house.  Yum.

Day 5 – My last daily digest for now

This will be the last of my daily digests of my makes with Bob. From now on, I’ll do a post per recipe and update it as we remake it with the tweaks that suit us.

I’ll begin with what happened last night after dinner.  E has a banana bread recipe she makes and plays with quite often, depending on what we have in the cupboard.  She made some new tweaks last night beginning with making some flour out of rolled oats.  That worked well.  Her bread was a bit different than normal (no pics sorry) but still yummy. Continue reading “Day 5 – My last daily digest for now”

Day 4 – New tricks for Bob

Today we were out and about a lot so didn’t use Bob for lunch, but he still got lots of use.

Breaky was my juice tweaking again. I’ve cracked the volume this time for one glass of juice, but silly me experimented with the timing too and it went back a step fibrous wise, but that’s ok. I’ll just go back to what I did yesterday with timing tomorrow and I reckon it will be ace! Continue reading “Day 4 – New tricks for Bob”

Day 3 – We’re getting to know Bob quite well.

Today was busy but we managed to use Bob for breakfast, lunch and dinner again.


I started with my juice as I have the past couple of days.  Much happier with today’s effort. The juice was much less fibrous and though still thick, thinner and cold.  So tomorrow I will try to reduce the volume to make 2 glasses as M has been enjoying my surplus juice each morning.  Once I have it just right, I’ll post my recipe here and on the recipe community. Continue reading “Day 3 – We’re getting to know Bob quite well.”